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My hilarious friend Melissa Oholendt asked me if I wanted to tag along with her on an engagement shoot a few weeks ago. Of course I said yes! It was an awesome experience with an awesome couple whose names are Beth and Jeremy. As we walked, Beth and Jeremy told us some of their story. They met each other in junior high, and it wasn’t until later in life when they really came to love each other. As they told me this, I had to chuckle… it sounded so similar to the parts of Melissa’s story I’ve heard. I think Melissa has some kind of cosmic understanding of where they were coming from and where they were heading. Can I prove this? No, but the pictures show the magic that happened from their lives coming together.

Then we came to this great bridge by the Lake of the Isles.A couple on a bridge over Lake of the Isles at sunset.

And we finished off the night with a little nostalgia in their old stomping grounds, Uptown!

Finally, There has been a lot going on here lately. So in the next week stay tuned… I’m going to have quite a few sweet things to share.



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