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It has been a long while.  I have been re-working my website as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I’m so pumped about it!  However, there are a few kinks I’m still working out, I thought while I was working them out, I’d save the big announcement for that day!  But I just can’t hold back any longer. I am so excited to share all the great pictures I’ve been collecting in this past month and a half.  Here is the first of many new blog posts to come!

I got to shoot Copeland on last time before they parted ways. It was the 5th time I had seen them live, and every show was great.  Thanks so much to Aaron, Jon, Steve and Bryan.  Your music inspires me, I hope God blesses you all as you start new projects into this next stage of life!  I wrote a personal review for that should be posted soon!  Follow me on Twitter for a link in the next few hours/days.

Here are the shots!

Two concerts, one show

True fans made sure they had their spot at the front of the stage two years in a row.

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