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As a little boy, I saw the world differently than I do now. There were so many heroes, unmarred by the brokenness we inhabit. My brother, for example and all his friends. He would come back from football games with stories of surviving battles courageously. His majestic steed of a 1989 Toyota Corolla would come home from a night of fighting werewolves and chasing vampires through the muddy fields of Maple Grove, or so I thought. (There was mud and grass to prove it after all.) He once even had his back window shot out by a shotgun and somehow lived to tell about it.

Denny’s friend Josh, I think, was there for all of these stories and many others. To me it didn’t matter what the cause was, just that these stories were real.

Many years later Josh was a hero not of just imaginary stories. But a hero of service to his country, and a hero of love. In this story, the hero finally got the girl, and lived happily ever after. This is the end of the first chapter of that story.


For more details of their wedding day, check out the facebook album on my Business Page!


Much love,


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