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Joshua and Kimberly are two of the most down to earth genuine people I have met in a long while. I have been so amazed by their love for each other and their family and friends. They love without pretense, which is a defining part of love. However, these days I see far too many people loving others for what it will give them in return. I regret to say that I fall into this trap far more often than I am willing to admit. This is getting a bit more personal than I usually make these posts, so I’ll get on with the pictures.  Josh and Kim, I was truly honored to be with you on your wedding day. I pray that God will bless your marriage for the rest of your lives, that your love continues to grow stronger each day.

Much love,


Last and not least,  a huge shout out to Travis Johansen for being an awesome assistant this awesome day!

  • Libby Landers Oct 11, 2010

    Awesome pictures!!!! Although I can’t wait to see the other 1000 you took that day 🙂 I love the random laughter/smiles that you were able to catch!

  • Maureen deBruyn Oct 12, 2010

    Excellent photos, Tom! Must recommend you to Every one!!

  • KarenK Oct 12, 2010

    You continue to amaze me with your talent! I only wish you would have been doing this when I got married:o)

  • Pat Hagfors Hoeft Oct 12, 2010

    Beautiful, so original. You are an artist!

  • Lene’ Heise – MOTB Oct 18, 2010

    Tom, what beautiful, artistic photos you took capturing Kim & Josh’s special day! They are a gift to all of us. Thank you.

  • Lynn Negaard Oct 2, 2011

    We so enjoyed meeting you Tom and it was so fun to catch this blog on their anniversary today… You truely captured them in personality which is not always so easy to do… We have LOVED the photos!

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