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I met Dave about two years ago at a Coffee shop he was working at. We talked about Jaco Pastorious, the finer points of proper espresso extraction and our passion to see young adults passionate about sharing their faith and engaging our culture. To top it off my new friends, one of whom is my stunning fiancee, Valerie, went to the same church. A few months went by, he started talking about this girl named Libby and how great she was. When she started going to my Bible study in uptown I finally met her. They are just a perfect balance for each other! I was so excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding and after seeing their images I literally double fist pumped for ten seconds. Get ready… set….. go be floored by their chemistry. And don’t forget to congratulate them, tell your favorite, pass a link on to friends.

Much love,


  • Elayn Alterman Oct 14, 2011

    Inspiring…….. Love the photos but MORE than that CONGRATULATIONS and (((HUGS))) from my heart to both of you and your families. Rich blessings as your grow together.

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